Friday, 11 March 2011

60 SECOND INTERVIEW: Jane Hutchins

TALENTED choreographer Jane Hutchins, 34, moved to Dorset five-years-ago and has already become heavily involved with local theatre.

Jane grew up in London and studied at Brighton University before living in Sydney for a year.
During her time in Australia Jane met her husband Jay and they moved back to England before travelling across South, Central and North America.

Jane moved to Dorset after falling pregnant with her daughter Isla and last year had her second child, son Mac.

Jane has worked for Lymelight’s Theatre School for four years now and is currently the principle teacher in Honiton. She also runs Lymetikes in Bridport for younger children.

On a voluntary basis, Jane has choreographed shows for Burton Bradstock Players, Charmouth Companions, Open House Productions and Marvellous Amateur Dramatics (MAD).

Jane is currently choreographing Our House, the Madness musical, which will be performed at Bridport’s Electric Palace from March 31st to April 2nd.

WHAT are your first memories of performing?
Doing my first ballet show in a theatre in Hammersmith, London when I was about six; I was a leaf. My fellow leaves and I were all fluttering our arms at the front of the stage when I spotted my family in the audience. I was smiling at them with such pride that I failed to notice the other leaves continuing with the dance and stood there for the duration beaming.

WHAT are your favourite shows you’ve worked on?
I loved Bugsy Malone, which I choreographed with Open House. It’s been one of my favourite shows since I was a child, and I had a great cast to work with. I did Grease a couple of years ago with Lymelights which was fab, lots of lively dance routines. I especially liked the Hand Jive where I got to teach some cool lifts with Danny, Sandy and Cha Cha. And I’m loving Our House, I think the cast age for this show is my favourite group to work with and there are some really meaty dance routines for me to get stuck into. I’m also working on a circus performance at the moment with my little ones at Lymetikes which is loads of fun.

WHAT are your favourite dances in Our House?
'Baggy Trousers' is great. There are lots of different parts to it and a section in the middle where the whole cast get to go nuts – body-popping, break dancing, can-caning, leap-frogging, face-slapping, hair pulling – the lot! I also love the market scene. It’s set to ‘The Sun and the Rain’ but has an amusing take on the market scene from Oliver included. A couple of the dance routines involve some magical onstage costume changes which are going to look amazing.

WHO does Our House appeal to?
Everyone really, it’s a ‘coming of age’ story. In the show we see Joe’s life taken down two different paths based on a decision he makes on his 16th birthday. We’ve all been young and been through phases in our life where we lack direction and are unsure of which choices to make, so I think there’s something for everyone to identify with. Teenagers will love it as the cast are principally 15-20-year-olds. And of course, it’s a must for Madness fans as we do great renditions of all their famous tracks.

WHAT are your three top tips to impress on the dance floor?
On the dance floor – snake hips, flirty eyes and moving like you’re on wheels – always worked for me! On the stage - extended arms, pointed toes and a big smile.

WHERE do you see yourself in five years time?
Still in Dorset, although in Australia or Canada if my husband has anything to do with it. I love it here. Of all the places in the world that I’ve visited, I can honestly say that West Dorset is up there with the most beautiful. I drive along the coast road to get into town every day and there is one peak that coming over it, never fails to take my breath away. Still teaching and choreographing – I love it.

WHO would be your three dream guests at a dinner party and why?
Stephen Fry as he’s the fountain of all knowledge. Stevie Wonder and his piano to get down and funky to. George Lamb as a bit of eye candy.

WHAT was the last book you read, film you watched and CD you listened to?
'Mile High Apple Pie' to my daughter – an amazing book about little girl’s relationship with her Grandmother who has dementia; film - Black Swan; and CD - Florence and the Machine.

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