Friday, 27 May 2011


CHRIS Topp, 20, has recently moved to Dorset having grown up in Watford, North London. After a decade spent holidaying at Highlands End Holiday Park in Eype, Chris moved to Bridport with his parents last year. Chris is currently working as a café assistant at Wood Farm Caravan and Camping Park in Charmouth, but this week will start his new role as a pool attendant. Chris is a big sports fan, following Chelsea FC and Saracens Rugby Club. He represents The Clock House Inn, Chideock in the local darts leagues and later this year hopes to join a local football team.

WHAT do you like most about living in West Dorset?
It’s a lot quieter than North London for a start. As soon as I came down here I settled in quite well because I had been coming to Highlands End Holiday Park at Eype for about ten years. Because of that I knew the area and have settled in really well. I’ve got some really good mates here now.

WHAT would you like to change about the area?
The amount of jobs that are on offer here. In North London there were so many more job opportunities than we have down here. Here you don’t have many options and you mainly find tourism jobs.

WHAT would be your ideal job?
Plumbing probably, I’ve been looking into it quite a bit and was going to write to all the plumbers around here to try and get an apprenticeship. I’m not sure why that appeals to me, I think I just want to get a career rather than a job.

HOW does life here compare to North London?
It’s a lot more relaxed. You don’t have to watch your back all the time here, you did in Watford because of the crime. Where I lived then and where I live now are just completely different places.

WHAT do you think of the facilities for young people in the area?
It seems that you have to travel far to do something fun. For example, if you want to go bowling or Laser Quest then you have to go to Bournemouth, Weymouth or Dorchester. There is nothing around Bridport like that.

WHAT is your favourite sport?
My massive passion is rugby. When I lived in Watford I followed Saracens and have done since I was about eight-years-old. I’m going to the final of the Premiership at Twickenham on Saturday. Hopefully we’ll win it this time, which will be a better result than last year.

WHAT was the last film you watched, book you read and CD you listened to?
The last film I watched was Attack the Block; it was good, quite funny actually. The way they speak is so irritating though, because I used to hear it all the time back in Watford. 'Bravo Two Zero' was the last book I read, that was good. I don’t really listen to CDs anymore but the last song I had on in my car was 'Love Goes Down' by Plan B, remixed by Doctor P.

WHAT do you like about working at Wood Farm?
Well at the moment it is quiet, but apparently in the summer it does get really hectic in the cafe. That’s fine with me though because I will be at the pool by then. It’s quite laid back, the hours are good and it’s always nice to get a suntan while you’re working as well.

HOW did your darts team do last season?
We finished third from bottom. I came in to the team halfway through the season, we won a couple and lost a couple but didn’t get any trophies. Hopefully we can change that this year though.

DO you plan to join any sports teams in the future?
Hopefully, me and a mate are thinking of joining Charmouth Football Club, I just want to get more active. I went down for one training session at Bridport Rugby Club and it killed me so I didn’t go back.

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