Wednesday, 25 April 2012

60 SECOND INTERVIEW: Hannah Garner

HANNAH Garner has always enjoyed getting a ‘pizza-the-action’ and no more so than now she is working at ‘The Stable’ pizza and cider restaurant in Weymouth. The restaurant opened by the harbour in Weymouth 10 weeks ago and is already proving to be very popular. Hannah has always enjoyed working with the general public and has done a number of interesting jobs which led her all over the country, but eventually brought her back to Dorset. Besides her new job, Hannah is enjoying being back beside the seaside and she also loves playing and hearing live music. Hannah is 26 years old and lives in Weymouth.

WHAT kind of jobs have you been doing?
I originally moved straight to London after doing a degree at Southampton University because it was the ideal place for getting into the music industry, which is what I thought I wanted to do. I did some work experience at Ninja Tune – one of my favourite record labels.  I also did piano teaching, bar work, work for music listing companies, work with disabled students… then I started working on a market stall in Broadway market selling bread. In my holidays I used to work at music festivals for Tom Hunt’s catering business, ‘The Shisha Lounge’. All this experience led me towards events mangement work for a clothing company in Leicestershire. Doing events meant I got to travel round the whole country selling clothes at different venues and all my festival experience came in really useful. 

SO why did you come back to Weymouth?
After a number of years of that lifestyle, I realised I’d had enough of travelling round and when a job came up at The Stable in Weymouth I thought that was the ideal opportunity to get more settled whilst still doing the sort of work I enjoy.

WHAT is it about you that makes you particularly good at that type of work?
Meeting new people and enjoying new experiences. Then there’s the sale element – it’s important to be passionate about what you are selling, which is why I left the clothing company. I realised the industry wasn't quite right for me.

SO are you passionate about pizza?
Yes! And I like the way the business is run. I like the people who set it up and I like the way it’s a family run business and that everything is original and simple but it works – nothing too complicated. It’s about making sure everything is of a high quality, and something that you can really believe  in, so when someone asks: ‘What’s so great about your pizzas?’ we can say with conviction that it’s because we use organic ingredients and local suppliers,  and that even the dough is made to our own recipe , by hand right here in Weymouth. You can watch the chefs preparing everything from scratch – it’s just a great atmosphere to be working in as well.

WHAT else is on the menu besides pizza?
Pies… local pies like the Dorse Oggie. There are also salads and desserts - you can even have a Nutella and mascarpone pizza as a dessert. And of course there are lots of different ciders, at the moment I think there are about 64 different ones to choose from. 

DO you have a favourite pizza?
All of them! I couldn’t have a favourite because they’re all delicious. This week I’ve been mostly eating the Bucky Doo which is a vegetarian pizza - although I’m not actually vegetarian. 

AND what other interests have you got?
My previous job gave me a fishing rod when I left so I've been out a couple of times with that! I love the sea and as soon as it gets a bit warmer I'll be jumping in before I start work each morning. I'm really into music - my parents have Bridport Music on South Street - and I try to go to lots of gigs, although I haven't been to any since I've been back down here.  I also play the piano and the flute, something which I’ve done for most of my life.

Which three famous people would you like to invite to dinner and what would you eat?
I’d have pie with Fearne Cotton because she looks like she needs a pie or two, and she’s quite good fun. I’d have a salad with James Cordon because he’s a little bit fat but he’s hilarious and he’s my secret crush. And I’d have a pizza with the person who set up Pizza Hut so I could show them what a proper pizza should be like!

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