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MANAGER of Nisa Charmouth Stores, Phil Tritton, is originally from a village near Rochester, in Kent. He moved several times, mainly around the South East, before coming to Lyme Regis in 2004 with hopes of finding a local business to run. Phil and wife Carol found the village shop in February 2005 and have been running it since, now with the help of son Alex and soon-to-be daughter-in-law Maria. Phil and Carol moved to Bridport just over a year ago but Phil is still an active member of the Charmouth Traders group. They are currently celebrating the arrival of their first grandson, Harry, who was born on December 30th. 

HOW did you come to manage Charmouth Stores?
When I took early retirement in 2003 I looked for a shop and took over Charmouth Stores in February 2005. Just over a year ago my son Alex and his fiancee Maria took over day-to-day running of Charmouth Stores. I’m still heavily involved in the shop, managing the finances and store development, as well as covering for Alex and Maria when they go on holiday, so I am often in Charmouth.

WHAT do you enjoy about running the village shop?
The people. Charmouth is a traditional village and we see many of our customers every day. We also employ several youngsters and seeing them develop from shy 14-year-olds to confident teenagers gives me a lot of pleasure.

WHY do you think it is important for people to shop local?
Charmouth village centre is the village hub where residents meet each other and, for some, it is an essential part of their lives – their daily visit to the shops may provide their only regular human contact. Take away the shops and pubs and Charmouth would be a shadow of what it is today – use them or lose them!

HOW does the Charmouth Traders group benefit the village?
The traders organise local events and work to improve the village. We currently run three events a year and since we were formed three years ago we have paid for the Christmas lights (in the centre and on the lamp posts), set up the free parking scheme, contributed to the Parish Plan, donated surpluses to local causes and set up the village website  - - which attracted over 100,000 visitors in 2012.

DOES the traders group have any events planned for 2013?
We hope to run three events in 2013 – bonfire night, the Charmouth Christmas Fayre and a New Year’s Eve event.

WHAT are your personal interests?
I enjoy playing golf badly, watching Arsenal and going to horse racing and cricket matches. Add visits to pubs and restaurants and I keep pretty busy!

WHAT do you enjoy about living in the area?
The nearness to the sea, the amazing local landscape and the lack of traffic, compared with south east England, where I have spent most of my life.

WHAT would you add to or change about the area if you could?
I do not like the increasing number of second homes that are rarely occupied. If this trend continues and new homes are not built, Charmouth could become a ghost village as shops and pubs will close due lack of customers in the winter. 

WHAT’S your New Year's resolution?
To be a good grandfather. My first grandson, Harry, was born on December 30th.

WHERE’S your ideal holiday destination and why?
We had a fantastic holiday in Turkey in October, which was ideal in that we enjoyed warm sunshine, good food, lots of historical sights and an interesting mix of cultures. Every year we also find time to visit parts of Britain as we really enjoy the incredible variety of places and scenery that Britain has to offer. 

WHAT would you do if you won the Lottery?
Three priorities – family, travel and security. Helping family members, travelling to parts of the world that I have yet to visit and providing for a comfortable retirement would be perfect.

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