Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Drivers still putting lives at risk

THEY know it’s illegal, they know it can cause accidents or even kill people but drivers continue to use hand-held mobile phones while travelling at speed.

Two incidents recently underlined the stupidity of this to me.

The first on a motorway saw the driver in the lane next to us holding the wheel with his left hand while talking into a phone he held in his right hand. His mind was clearly on the call because his car drifted over towards us and if I hadn’t swerved into a fortunately empty outside lane he’d have hit us.

The second incident in Weymouth was at half the speed but involved twice the size of vehicle, a large van driven by a man who felt driving while phoning was perfectly acceptable even if he was crowding other road users.

Tragically there have already been several recorded incidents this year where people have died because of the selfish criminality of some driver lacking the intelligence to either drive or make a phone call but not do both at the same time while moving.

Hopefully police arrest a few more of them to drive home a message which should be self-evident.

Here’s to another 30 years of wedded bliss

WELL, another landmark has passed in my life, our pearl wedding anniversary celebrating thirty years of married life together.

Breakfast television started the year we tied the knot in 1983 and it doesn’t seem possible that three decades have passed since then.

Weymouth didn’t show itself in the best light when I first visited the town on a rain-swept blustery day in 1980 and I certainly wouldn’t have believed then that barely three years later I’d be married and setting up home.

But our anniversary pales into insignificance when compared to my parents who were married for nearly 70 years and others who crop up from time to time for being married even longer.

If I find it difficult to look back and realize just how much has happened in 30 years then imagine trying to do the same for more than twice that period, say back to when the Second World War was still being fought.

As a journalist I have lost count of the number of golden and diamond wedding couples I have interviewed and almost all of them will say at some stage that the secret to a long and happy married life is “give and take”.

I’d agree with that. You are bound to have disagreements but so often they tend to be about trivial things.

So with 30 years on the clock I’m now getting ready for our ruby, golden and diamond anniversaries.

What’s that dear? Can I empty the compost bin? In a minute dear, just doing a bit of writing. All right! I’ll do it now! Best wishes to all celebrating an anniversary

What will they think of next?

No sooner do I get used to digital television and peering at my hand control to work out what number I’ve got to key in for what channel than I’m told the whole thing is “strictly yesterday darling”.

On the horizon to replace it is apparently a new generation of televisions geared to your eye movement.

These systems read your eye movement to change channels for you without the viewer having to so much as lift a finger.

They also execute a whole range of other functions although whether anyone with a chronic eye twitch or just withdrawal symptoms from the night before can rely on equally impressive service has yet to be revealed.

I suppose that before we’ve come to terms with that advance it will be overtaken by media which works on thought waves. 

Coming to a sitting room wall near you!

Are you local?

THEY’D read about the Weymouth pub being a haven for real ale and were determined to try it.

So they made their plans and one day pitched up at the doors of this pub, being suitably impressed with its décor, with the range of real ales on offer and with the impressive atmosphere and cleanliness of the place.

But they were left somewhat startled when, with no order being made, the barmaid smiled and promptly poured them two pints of cider which they hadn’t asked for and didn’t want.

Could this be some sort of quaint local custom they hadn’t come across before?

No, this was a simple case of mistaken identity with the barmaid pouring two pints for a couple of regulars who apparently looked quite like the bemused visitors.

No record exists of what the visitors then went on to order by way of real ales while the regulars are apparently keeping a low profile in case they get charged with impersonating a valued customer! 

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