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HEIDI Davies is a joint leader at the Gundry Lane Baby and Toddler Group in Bridport. The group closed in 2012 because of a lack of volunteers, but with the help of other parents, Heidi got it up and running again last year. The group received a donation of £500 from Bridport Round Table last week which has gone towards providing much-needed equipment to improve the safety and comfort of facilities for the children.

HOW long have you lived in Bridport?
I have lived in Bridport all my life - 34 years. 

WHAT do you like about living in the town?
It has a nice close-knit community - when you are out and about you always see someone you know. The events that happen through the year like the carnival, torchlight, Christmas cheer night and hat festival, are all good fun and are enjoyed by all the family. It is lovely being so near to the beach and having lots of nice countryside around – it is great for the kids.

WHAT do you do for a living?
I have always worked with children in various different settings. I was a nanny for a local family before working in a nursery, then I worked at a school and also as a childminder. But now I am currently being kept busy with my own three children and helping to run the family business.

WHEN was the toddler group set up?
Gundry Lane Toddler Group has been running for over 30 years by various different volunteers but when the group closed in 2012 due to lack of volunteers we really missed it and felt that there was not really any other parent/child activities in the area on a Thursday. So in January 2013 some friends and I decided to get it up and running again.

HAS it been a success so far? What benefits does it bring for children and parents?
The group has been very successful and we have been really busy. It is a friendly and relaxed environment in which children can have fun and play with others. It gives parents, grandparents and carers a chance to meet and chat with other adults. The hall is a good size so is great for the children to be able to use up some of their energy, especially when the weather is not good enough for outdoor activities.

DO parents provide all of the equipment? How important are donations like the one you received from Round Table?
The equipment we have is bought using funds raised from our entry fee and fundraising events. A lot of the toys/equipment have been built up over the years, and as some of it is quite dated and well used, we are trying to replace things as and when our funds allow us to. The funding we received from the Round Table for the new mats was brilliant because we would never have been able to afford to buy them otherwise and they were desperately needed to make the play areas safer and more comfortable for the children.

WHAT is the biggest thing you have learned from being a mother?
The biggest thing I have learned from being a mum is to take time during the chaos of day to day life to enjoy those special moments with the children because they grow up so quickly, but those special times together will be the happy memories that they remember.

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