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WATERSPORTS enthusiast Jake Patrick, from Lyme Regis, will be taking to the stage rather than the sea this May when he stars in the Operatic Society’s production of “Mame”. Originally from Brixworth, a village near Northampton, Jake, 21, attended Moulton College as part of the Rugby Academy before moving to Lyme Regis in 2012. He now lives right by the beach and works at Boylos watersports shop on Marine Parade.

HOW did you get involved with Lyme Regis Operatic Society’s production of “Mame”?
I was in a play in January that Jenny Wiles directed for the Between Courses theatre group, “The Lost World” at the Marine Theatre. Nicky Sweetland from the Operatic Society asked whether I might be interested and I figured I would give it a try.

TELL us about your role in the production…
I play Patrick, Mame's nephew. Mame travels with her love in the middle of the play and when she returns, Patrick is all grown up - that's where I come in. I'm torn between an upper class sophisticated life with my fiancée and a life of enjoyment with my Auntie Mame. There's a fair bit of drama and suddenly I have to choose!

WHAT do you enjoy about performing on the local stage?
It puts me out of my comfort zone. I've not been on stage since I was at school and then I did the two Between Courses performances and now “Mame”. I love a challenge, although normally it's in sport. It's great to try new things, you never know how much fun you can have until you try.

WHAT do you enjoy about working at Boylos? 
Working at Boylos is a dream for me. For as long as I can remember, growing up I always wanted to work in a surf shop and live by the sea. Now I do! There is a great watersports scene here and I am really trying to promote it. My view from the "office" each day is to die for and the people I meet are great. There's not really much to dislike!

HOW did you get into watersports?
My grandfather takes the credit for my life in the water. Way back in the 1960s and 70s he was shaping surfboards in his back garden in Northampton. He obviously got my dad into it and, between the two of them, they have introduced me and my siblings to surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, waterpolo and more. Nowadays, I teach paddle boarding and windsurfing and do both of them myself, plus surfing and body boarding when the waves and wind are right.

WHAT are your other personal interests? 
I pretty much live on the water but I love skateboarding on my longboard to and from work and cruising with the local skate kids. I also mountain bike in the summertime, it's a great way to get outside and away from the crowds.

WHAT do you like about Lyme Regis?
I really like the community feeling that Lyme Regis has, it's the biggest selling point for me. Of course, the coastline is fantastic too! 

WHAT do you think the town is missing?
The skatepark is what’s missing in Lyme, it will be great when it's built. People don't realise what a massive influence a skatepark can have on a community - somewhere to go and chill and enjoy yourself without annoying people on the pavement is going to be great! 

WHAT would you do if you won the Lottery?
I would sort my parents and grandparents out with an awesome home and pay their bills. They've given me everything I have today so I would really want to give them twice as much back. I'd also throw money at the skatepark and make it awesome and I would pay to build an artificial reef in the bay that would work on the prominent south-westerlies we get here in Lyme. Head high barrels in front of the shop, that would be so cool!

WHERE’S your dream holiday destination, and why?
My dream holiday would be south west France through September. The surf is huge there that time of year and the water and air is warm. I'd love a gang of us to have campers in the car parks and take a few weeks exploring beaches.
  • Lyme Regis Operatic Society’s production of “Mame” will be held at the Marine Theatre from Tuesday, May 13th to Saturday 17th, with performances at 7.15pm and a Saturday matinee at 2.30pm. Tickets costing £12 or £5 for under 16s are available at Fortnam, Smith & Banwell in Lyme Regis – call 01297 445666.

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