Thursday, 4 September 2014

A real community asset

ALL credit to Axminster Town Council for stepping in with a bid to save the Pippins centre, home of Axminster Youth Club for so many years.

The youth centre has fallen foul of the stringent cost cutting by Devon County Council.
In trying to save the building for continued community use, the council say they are investing in the youth of the town.

With other interested parties also trying to put together a plan to protect its future, it is to be hoped that such a fine building, on which so much money has been spent in the past, can be utilised as a real community asset.

To their credit, the town council is leading the way.

CARNIVAL  time is upon once again and, as always, Seaton kicked off the 2014 season with a packed week of events, culminating in a splendid grand procession of Saturday evening. 

I was unable to see the finale procession  but regular carnvalities tell me it was one of the best for several years.

With the stringent health and safety rules in place these days, it becomes increasingly difficult for carnival clubs to meet the ever increasing cost of building and insuring floats.

This year’s East Devon circuit will certainly miss the magnificent tableaux which the Sid Vale Carnival Club has created over the years. They slimmed down with a mini entry in the Seaton procession but still won a prize.

Favourites for the overall East Devon prize will be the Nunsford Nutters, from Colyton, who live up to their name every year with hilarious entries. This year’s “Formula Tubs” is no exception.

There was a real fun atmosphere around Seaton last week with good support for all the carnival events. 

Carnival Queen Laura Fisher and her Princesses, Amanda Mettam and Louise Tyne, threw themselves into the occasion and even agreed to an ice bucket challenge, the craze which is sweeping the country and raising huge sums for motor neurone disease.

Well done to the hard working Seaton Carnival Committee, led by President Roger Woolland, for staging another splendid week.

Next up: Colyton Carnival starting this coming Saturday with their procession on September 13th.

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