Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Courtesy goes wrong on the bus

MANNERS should be a crucial and welcome part of our lives, but all too often they get people into trouble.

Drivers who force their way through by inconveniencing others, people who queue jump in shops, those who play loud music without thought for others are just a few examples of selfish behaviour we have probably all met at some time.

But you don’t expect to draw wrath down on you when you are actually trying to be polite, to be kind and to display good manners.

So it was with an elderly man who gave his seat up for a woman on a Weymouth bus.

He was smiling as he rose and gestured for her to take his place, saying her need as a pregnant woman outweighed his need as an elderly person and, in any case, he was getting off in a few stops time.

The polite pensioner soon wished he could get off immediately as he was given a mouthful by the woman... who it turned out wasn’t pregnant just very obese! 

The joy of that bolshy bird, the robin

WINTER and Christmas mean different things to different people, but one of the iconic symbols of this period for me is the robin.

Its red breast, lovely song and cheerful perky movements all combine to lift spirits, but don’t be completely sucked in because the robin is one of the most aggressive members of the entire bird world for defending its territory.

That red breast is a warning to intruders that this spot is taken and, if they don’t take the hint, then fights can develop which have been known to be to the death.

Not quite so fluffy and cuddly now are they, but I still really enjoy their presence in our garden during the autumn where they forage over ground I have turned, during the winter when their antics brighten the day up and in the spring when their liquid song is a lovely herald for awakening life.

Spirit of Christmas presents

NOW you really do have problems! Only three more shopping weeks until Christmas!! There are still no general signs of panic, but a few shoppers are starting to develop a twitch if they have to walk past more than three festive windows.

Which gift do they choose? Will granddad really appreciate Gothic Ghoul’s new album Tales from the Mortuary and is buying mum an apron with ‘Your Place is Here’ emblazoned on it a hilarious gift idea or an invitation to “cook your own damn Christmas dinner!”

Christmas decorations have been out for weeks and they pose a real threat to shoppers as they try to weave their way through displays without snagging santas,  or shiny ornaments on their clothing. I’ve already seen one Christmas tree display demolished.

If you don’t like the Christmas rush then you’ve only got yourself to blame if you haven’t bought one or two presents during the year.

It really does take a bit of the sting out of the festive shopping fun such as having your foot trodden on in the chocolates section by overweight enthusiasts who shouldn’t be buying chocolate anyway. What do you mean, it’s a present. Who are you kidding?!

Finally there is the booze. A bottle of dry sherry for granny, some of that dark rum for Uncle George, some fancy cream liquer for Chelsea and a few cases of beer for Wayne. In your dreams.

If that’s all people bought things wouldn’t be too bad but I’ve seen families pushing not one but two trolleys loaded with alcohol which tipped the till at more than £400. Good God! You’d need a year to drink that lot by which time they’ll be doing it all again.

Do try and keep it simple. Buy only what you might need and, if you do over order, remember that my drinks cabinet door is always open to help you get rid of it. 

Just offering the true spirit of Christmas.

Driving me mad!

WHAT is it about people who own big cars that they seem to feel that normal parking courtesies don’t apply to them?

You can see it everywhere you go and one of its main hallmarks is that big car owners don’t think their parking through.

So when they approach parking in any walled or enclosed area they never reverse right to the back of their chosen space but stop short to avoid damaging the rear of their expensive vehicle.

But they completely miss, or choose to ignore the fact that this approach leaves the front two feet of their car sticking out into the danger area where other drivers come past.

So their efforts to protect against damage to the back of their car expose the front of the same vehicle to the danger of being clipped by passing traffic not to mention the inconvenience it causes to other drivers and the danger it poses to pedestrians who must walk into the line of passing traffic to get round the front of such vehicles.

I’ve just seen a Jaguar and a Volvo estate both parked within a few yards of each other and both with their front ends several feet out into the thoroughfare and it is pure selfishness, but since when have such people bothered about that?

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