Wednesday, 29 July 2015


SARAH Chick is a Beaminster resident and has been all her life. She attended the playgroup, St Mary’s Academy and Beaminster School. She now has three children and a passion for darts, which recently saw her in the semi-final of the English Open earlier this year.

HOW did you get into darts?
I got into darts from my mum when I was seven or eight, just playing at home. My nan Sadie Collett was called the “Queen of Darts” in Bridport and my mum and sisters also played. 

WAS there anything in particular that attracted you to darts?
The only thing that attracted me to darts was my family, I then started playing in local leagues and it escalated from there.

TELL us a bit about being in the English Open semi-final and what it meant to you...
The England Open is one of the biggest competitions around. Getting to the semi-finals was overwhelming as I knocked some top seeds out on the way.

WOULD you do it again and take part in similar competitions?
Yes, I am going back to Selsey, Sussex, in September for a competition.

WHAT other achievements have you gained and what other competitions have you taken part in?
I am always taking part in competitions nearby and around Dorset. I got to the Gold Cup finals at the beginning of this month, won southern counties and mixed pairs with Ben Ward in 2014, won ladies pairs at Hayling Island in 2012, won champions of champions twice. They are all my biggest achievements.

DO you have any other passions aside from darts?
I play darts three times a week so don't have much time to do anything else, with family too, they take up more time.

DO you have any words of wisdom for people wanting to start playing darts professionally? 
Practicing is always a good start - play as often as you can.

WHAT three people would you invite to your dream dinner party?
The people at my dinner party would be Jethro as I do like having a laugh, Kevin Painter as he was the first ever professional darts player I played against, and Whitney Houston for a good old sing along.

WHAT would be the first thing you do if you won the Lottery?
If I won the Lottery I would make sure my children were financially secure, buy a motorhome and travel.

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