Thursday, 28 July 2011

60 SECOND INTERVIEW: Murray Sanders

WINDSURFING enthusiast, Murray Saunders, has just opened his water sports shop, Boylos, which he has run as an online store for two years, in the new-look seafront shelters in Lyme Regis. The shop stocks Oxbow and O’Shea surf clothing, Xcel wetsuits, Ocean and Earth surfing accessories, sunglasses, rucksacks and other accessories. A former Woodroffe School pupil, Murray, 26, went on to study business and accounting at Exeter University before starting an advertising sales and marketing business for five major windsurfing brands. He now runs Boylos with his partner Ellie Boyle, and lives just outside Lyme Regis.

WHAT made you open the Boylos shop after running it online for two years?
I used to windsurf in Lyme Regis when I was younger and there was no one to offer me help and encouragement, or no where to get any advice. I really wanted to encourage more young people to take part in the sport - that’s where it came from.

IS Lyme Regis a good place for water sports?
It’s no Hawaii but it’s amazing for windsurfing. There is a good surf scene along the coast and it’s obviously great for kayaking and sailing, for which there’s the sailing club. Paddle boarding, when you stand on a board and paddle along the sea, seems to be the new thing to do as well.

WHICH water sports do you enjoy?
Windsurfing is the main one for me. I’ve taken part in the windsurfing pro-tours for the past few years and came 12th last year, and I’ve entered other competitions as well and travelled around Britain to do it. We also enjoy surfing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and last year we had a boat so we did a bit of water skiing. Ellie likes paddle boarding at the moment but I think I would find it boring.

WHERE is the best place you’ve been for windsurfing?
St Ives Bay in Cornwall in definitely my favourite place to go.

WHAT do you think of Lyme’s new seafront shelters?
They’re a real asset to the town. A lot of hard work has obviously gone into them from the local community and they present Lyme Regis the way it should be presented.

WHAT do you like about working in Lyme Regis?
I like the people and the community. Everybody is so friendly and pro-active, for example with Lifeboat Week and Regatta and Carnival Week - everybody is so hands-on and really gets stuck in. It seems like loads of people retire here and then say, “Let’s do something!” That kind of community is really unique, the only other place I think I’ve come across it is in Sydney, Australia, when everyone is on their boats.

WHERE would be your ideal holiday destination?
I would really like to go to Chile because they have really good conditions there for windsurfing but there is also a completely different culture to soak up. I’m hoping to go to Hawaii this autumn, which is great for surfing and things but it’s an American state so I guess the culture there won’t be so different.

WHAT would you do if you won the Lottery?
I think I would put it in a bank account and forget about it until I was about 60. I need to work now, and then I could retire and do whatever I wanted!

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