Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I’ve become a weather obsessive!

WHILE the entire nation has this week been gripped with baby fever, I have been hooked with a completely different, somewhat less interesting, obsession...

Since the thunderstorm hit on Sunday night and sea mist descended on Lyme Regis I’ve become a weather forecast obsessive!

I have two separate forecasts on my iPhone and a further two I check regularly on my computer at work (I just checked them again having written that sentence!). Everything is crossed for sunshine this weekend - the start of Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week.

This year, I’m looking forward to two friends from university visiting me for the opening weekend of Lifeboat Week, which is set to be filled with spectacular events, starting with the Red Arrows and RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team on Friday, a lifeboat display and the pretty Iluminated Boats on Saturday, and my favourite event - the Bathtub Race - on Sunday. 

Usually my friends only visit for my birthday in winter so I’m keen to show off Lyme looking lovely and, coming from London, they want to hit the beach. That’s why cloudy and showers just isn’t good enough! 

In amongst awaiting the royal arrival, obsessively checking the weather and, of course, finishing my pages for this paper, I’ve also been checking the Marine Traffic website and staring out of the window in anticipation of HMS Sutherland’s arrival in Lyme Bay. 

When writing this I was looking forward to going aboard on Tuesday evening for a sepcial reception and capability demonstration. 

While I have very little sailing or maritime knowledge, going aboard visiting ships and taking trips out in the bay for various events has become one of my favourite jobs as a local reporter over the past few years, although I am still quite wobbly on the ladders!

Commander Tom Herman OBE arrived in Lyme Regis ahead of the Royal Navy ship and joined the Mayor, Councillor Sally Holman, and harbour staff in congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Sally also wrote a message of congratulations which will be sent to the royal couple.

Now for the nation’s next obsession... baby names!

What I’m doing this week...

AS I'VE already mentioned Lifeboat Week kicks off this weekend and it’s dominating my diary.

Lifeboat Week and Regatta & Carnival Weeks are great fun to cover for the paper, as it means I’m down the beach for most of the two weeks rather that sat in the office!

Why not start your weekend off with the lifeboat crew’s barbecue on the Slipway, from 11am on Friday?

Things really get underway at 12noon when the Red Arrows are expected to fly-in for their favourite display, for which Lyme is always bursting at the seams.

Another favourite - the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team - will be dropping onto the main beach at 3.30pm. Don’t forget he lifeboat crew will start clearing the sand to make space for their landing zone at 1pm.

Events will continue throughout the weekend with lifeboat and coastguard displays, belly dancers, vintage car displays and children’s fun and games.

Highlights will include the Iluminated Boats at 9.30pm on Saturday night and the Bathtub Race at 11am on Sunday, starting at Cobb Gate - a must see for all visitors.

Don’t miss the Admiral Sir George Somers Commemoration parade on Wednesday, July 31st. This parade is set to be the biggest in recent years, with a much larger contingent than usual visiting Lyme from twin town St George’s in Bermuda, especially for the occasion.
The procession sets off from the Pound Street entrance of Langmoor Gardens at 11am. 

IF YOU'RE not into baby fever, what about guitar fever? The Guitars on the Beach record attempt, scheduled to be held on Lyme Regis Beach on September 7th, keeps growing and growing with well over the needed 2,000 guitarists now signed up to play Buddy Holly’s 'Rave On' and form part of Britain’s biggest ever band. Don’t forget to keep practising those three easy chords!

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