Wednesday, 22 October 2014

60 SECOND INTERVIEW: Christine James

CHRISTINE James was born in Benfleet, near Canvey Island, in Essex and, when she left school, her first job was window dressing in a Knightsbridge shoe shop. Since then she has done a huge variety of jobs from an RAC messenger to making concrete posts. She was even a kiss-o-gram although she said ‘I only did it once’. Christine went on to qualify as a driving instructor in 2003, a job she still pursues. She is a borough councillor and the current Deputy Mayor of Weymouth and Portland.

WHY do you live in Weymouth?
Circumstances at the time brought me here – it was the weekend of Princess Diana’s funeral and I have lived here ever since.

WHERE do you go for your holidays?
What’s a holiday? I haven’t had one for three years. The last place I went to was Turkey with friends and it was OK. If I did get a holiday I have family all over the world so I might go to New York.

WHAT is your favourite time of the year?
I like all seasons but I suppose autumn because I was born in the autumn and I like the colours and the crispness of the air.

WHAT is your favourite film?
I quite like the Die Hard movies with Bruce Wills, a proper man doing proper man’s stuff!

WHAT is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?
Having a heart attack and not knowing I’d had one. I hadn’t been feeling well, went to the doctor and was given an electro cardiogram. When they got the results I was immediately sent to hospital and told I’d had a heart attack. That was a bit scary as at the time I ran, cycled and swam a lot and got told I had to take life a little easier which is hard.

IF you could live your life again what would you be?
I think I would love to be a singer, dancer or actress. I love to sing and dance although I’m not great, but I’d love to be good enough to make a career out of it, especially acting.

WHICH three people would you invite to your dream dinner party?
I would love to invite Sherlock Holmes because I am quite a logical thinker like him, Queen Victoria because I would be really interested in her views on the current royal family and, lastly, I’d invite Margaret Thatcher because she provokes debate whether good or bad.

WHAT would you do if you won the Lottery?
I would make sure all my children and grand-children were looked after and disappear to a desert island for a few months where no-one could find me... as long as I had a rowing boat to get me back to people when I wanted!

WHAT do you hope the future holds?
I hope that Britain can become British again. We have to embrace multi-culturalism but not at the expense of losing our British character and what is essentially British.

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