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LYME Regis resident David Sarson originally came from Reading in Berkshire and moved to the town nine years ago, having visited his father many times and fallen in love with the seaside town. David lives with his wife Erica. They have three children and three grandchildren. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Lyme Regis and the Royal Voluntary Service.

WHAT did you do before retirement?
Before I retired I spent most of my working career in sales and marketing, but the last 10 years I was self-employed as a franchisee in computer CD Roms and, ultimately, in book sales.  

HOW did you become involved with the Rotary Club?
I became involved in the Rotary Club of Lyme Regis only 18 months ago. I was introduced to the club by an existing member.

WHAT do you enjoy about being a member?
I enjoy the comradery, we are like an extended family or a good oiled working team. I am constantly meeting different people in all walks of life and, of course, it’s very self satisfying when you meet your challenge of raising money for the many charities, both home and overseas. I am forever taken back by people’s generosity.

DO you have any upcoming Rotary events?
We have three main events in our calendar for the next four months; Christmas collections in Lyme Regis and Charmouth, together with our annual Carols Around the Christmas Tree in Lyme Regis for Children's Hospice South West; The Formidable Lyme Lunge on January 1st for Help The Heroes and other Rotary charities; and a soup and ploughman's meal at the Alexandra Hotel on February 2nd for the charity Water Survival Box.

HOW did you become involved with the Royal Voluntary Service?
I became involved with the Royal Voluntary Service’s Befriending Scheme almost a year ago, initially through  Lyme Regis Development Trust.

WHAT is your role within the service?
I act as a volunteer co-ordinator for the charity, bringing volunteers and referrals together, covering Lyme Regis and Bridport areas. It is a very rewarding job, albeit challenging.

HOW would you encourage others to volunteer?
Our volunteers not only transform the lives of older people, it can change their own lives too. A couple of hours of volunteering makes you feel great, you meet some of the most interesting people in your own neighbourhood, building friendships and enjoying each others company.

ARE you a member of any other local organisations?
I am captain of Charmouth Bowls Club and also help out at the community Lyme lunches and am a member of the University of the Third Age. I also help Erica on our allotment.

WHAT do you like about Lyme Regis?
Lyme Regis is a beautiful town and we are also lucky enough to have in my view one of the best coastlines in the South West. The people of Lyme are very friendly and we have so much to offer with regards to choice and facilities in the town.

WHAT do you think it’s missing?
I do think perhaps that more people should be involved in their own community. Lyme Regis has so much to offer.   

WHAT would you do if you won the Lottery?
If I won the Lottery I would give a little monetary assistance to those Lyme groups who, at this present moment, are suffering through lack of funds, and then perhaps go on a short cruise if I get time!

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