Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Shake-up at the polls?

THIS week we exclusively reveal that the East Devon Alliance, the pressure group formed in 2013, jumping on any hint of maladministration at Knowle, has formed into an official political party and will be fighting at least two-thirds - probably more - of the district council seats at the next election.

By doing so we will be accused of political bias but believe me those who sit on EDDC and want to retain their seats should sit up and take note.

As we report on the front page of each of our editions this week (a rare occurrence), rather than just standing back and moaning from the touchline, they’ve decided to field their own team and fight their cause at the ballot box.

It could result in the biggest shake-up in local politics since local government was reorganised in 1974.

When I had the temerity to write in this column a few weeks ago that in 50 years of reporting on councils I could not recall a time when there was more dissatisfaction with our elected representatives, I was castigated by one of the more arrogant members of the ruling party as “an out-of touch has-been who should have put away my notebook years ago”.  

Don’t you just love it when you’ve got them on the run!

The EDA will be treated with equal distain - and that will encourage them even more.

SOME good news at last for Axminster!

We report this week that the long-awaited demolition of Webster’s Garage - the 30 year-old town centre eysore - looks like it is about to happen after all.

Owners and developers, Hallmark Estates (Devon) Ltd, has secured private funding to enable the old garage to be demolished in preparation for a temporary town centre car park.

This is brilliant news for the rest of Axminater town centre trading community.

Perhaps now would be the right time for the powers that be to put pressure on the owners of the George Hotel which is rapidly becoming a Webster’s Mark II.  

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