Wednesday, 8 April 2015

60 SECOND INTERVIEW: Melinda and Andrew Newberry

MELINDA and Andrew Newberry moved to live in Bowood, near Salway Ash, Bridport, 12 years ago. Andrew is a gardener and, until recently, Melinda worked in a solicitors office but left in November to focus on a new business venture in floristry, called Little Strode Flower Farm, and to undertake some floristry training. Their family consists of two dogs, a cat and some chickens.
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WHAT inspired you both to get into the florist business?
I saw a TV programme some years ago about two women who set up a flower growing business, and I thought "I'd love to do that", and so we have gradually built up the growing part of the business, and the floristry side has been a natural extension of that. 
For the past three years we have been developing a small business growing cut flowers.  We occasionally have a stall on Bridport Market, and otherwise provide flowers for weddings, parties, funerals etc.  We are also now hiring out trees to decorate wedding venues.

WHAT do you both like doing in your spare time?
Walking our dogs, ideally on one of the lovely coastal walks nearby with a pub lunch at the end of it. We both love the outdoors, and have a long-standing interest in gardening and growing things.

WHAT has been the highlight of your careers?
Being involved in the Hampton Court Flower Show exhibition last year. It was great to meet other growers and speak to enthusiastic people, potential customers, who love British grown flowers and are keen to find a grower near to them.

WHAT do you like most about the area?
Having access to the coast and loads of beautiful countryside, and Bridport itself is a lovely town.  There is so much going on, and Bridport people really "go for it" and enjoy themselves.  You can also pretty much get most things you need in the town, perhaps buying second hand, or compromising a little - we like to buy locally whenever we can.

WHICH three people would you both invite to your dream dinner party?
Dinner invites would be David Bowie (musical hero), Sir David Attenborough (what an amazing life he's had) and Vic Reeves (he would just be really silly and a laugh).

DO you have any other passions outside of work?
Not sure about passions outside work, but we do love to escape for holidays/breaks to Spain whenever we can.

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