Wednesday, 15 April 2015


FAYE Neal is a professional photographer living Bridport. She has just started out and developed her own business, Faye Neal Photography. Faye has lived in the area since see was two-years-old when her parents moved down from Crawley, West Sussex. She is currently busy developing her portfolio and looking after her daughter, three-year-old Lacey Rae. For more information on Faye’s photography and to see some of her work visit 

WHEN did you first embark on photography?
I went to Colfox School, and went straight into work at River Cottage HQ. Unfortunately while I was in this job I got unwell and had to give up work and didn't work for a few years. During this time I decide to take my passion for photography further and put myself through a photography course. A year later I got my photography diploma.

WHERE did your passion for photography come from?
My passion for photography has always been with me from a young age, I remember my granddad being very good at it; he wasn't a photographer but was handy with a camera. I have always wanted to do it as a profession and a lot of what drives me is my daughter Lacey, I want to be a good role model for her.
WHAT events have you already done?
The past year I have been working hard to gain as much experience as I can. I’ve done a number of private photo sessions for people, a wedding, Buckham Fair and a lot of equestrian-related stuff. I feel I am now at a point where I feel I can go off and start my own business and offer my services to the public, I am doing Buckham Fair again this year, which is really exciting as it grows every year and feel I can grow with it and capture the atmosphere it brings. Other than events and equestrian, I will be offering photo sessions that include newborn and family, couple and engagement, weddings, dogs and other pets. 

IS THERE a particular place, person or animal you like to photograph?
Yes I specialise in equestrian photography. Horses are amazing animals and give off such a calming vibe, it is by far where I feel most at home with my photography. I do love street photography and people too, I have a couple person projects that I am about to start working on in this area and I am looking forward to it greatly. 

WHAT can you offer customers?
I offer a friendly relaxed service that is affordable for everyone, I work on location or at your home, my photography is very natural. I will be working on my own and hopefully as my business grows I will be able to take on young photographers to work along side me at events and weddings etc. Other than photo sessions I will be working on some personal projects to keep my portfolio up to date and fresh, I hope to do some travel photography in the near future and hope to get involved with more local events in Dorset. 

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