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BEAUTY therapist and former nurse, Janis Meeks, brought her Anti-Ageing Clinic to Axminster 15 years ago and now offers the best treatments available today with an associate doctor from the Knightsbridge clinic in London. Here she talks about how the treatments can benefit her clients...

HOW did you become involved in the Anti-Ageing Clinic?
In 2000 a client in my beauty salon asked if I could recommend a doctor who did cosmetic fillers. I realised that there was nobody offering injectable fillers in this area and that a client would have to travel to a city in order to have the treatment. I did my research and spoke to a lot of people in the industry and one name seemed to be coming up - Dr Rita Rakus. I visited her Knightsbridge clinic and asked if she would be willing to travel to the West Country to treat my clients and, fortunately, she agreed. Over the years Dr Rakus' Knightsbridge clinic has become a world-renowned team of highly-skilled, highly-qualified and experienced doctors. Fifteen years later, at our Axminster clinic, we are privileged to have an associate doctor from the Knightsbridge clinic provide the best treatments on offer today.

WHAT did you train in, and where?
Originally I trained and practised as a nurse in Manchester and then moved to Somerset where I trained as a beauty therapist and built up a very successful beauty business.

WHY did you choose Axminster for your clinic?
I had successful beauty and skin care clinics in Somerset and Devon with many regular clients. So much so that when I moved to West Sussex in 2006, the demand for the clinic was still very high, so I decided to keep the clinic running. I then looked for somewhere central for my existing clients and the Axminster Chiropractic Care centre at Pam Cottey House was the perfect venue.

WHAT treatments do you offer?
Initially we offered fillers and muscle relaxants. We now have a wider range of treatments on offer including Pelleve, Sculptra and Dermaroller. We have also recently introduced Aqualyx, a treatment that dissolves fat deposits on the body.

ARE the treatments popular in the local area?
Our clinic has built up a good reputation with many of our clients attending due to recommendation. Clients appreciate being able to have the treatments locally at a clinic that has been established for over 15 years. 

HOW do treatments benefit your clients?
In an ideal world, we would all accept and embrace the ageing process. Unfortunately stress, ill health, neglect, sun damage and genetic disposition can leave us with the face we don’t deserve. Feeling unhappy with one’s looks doesn’t mean we are vain, if we are constantly being told we look tired, then psychologically we feel tired. Many women have reported, ‘a new confidence and better self image’ by lifting the tired look with a little help from our sympathetic and skilled doctor.

HOW long do the benefits of treatments last?
This depends on the client, but injectables can last anything from four months whereas Sculptra can last up to two years.

SOME women can feel concerned about getting treatments such as botox - is there anything to be worried about?
Muscle relaxants have been used safely for many years in both medical situations and in the cosmetic industry. As with any invasive procedure it is advisable to speak to a doctor first, which is why all potential  clients have a free, in-depth consultation with our doctor to ensure there are no contraindications to the treatment.

WHAT do you enjoy about the job?
The people. The clinic is very professional and I enjoy the lovely, friendly atmosphere. I enjoy meeting clients both regular and new and get great satisfaction hearing how the treatments have helped clients feel better about themselves. I strongly believe it is important that our clients get the most out of their treatments so we make every effort to provide the best possible support.

HOW can clients make an appointment for a free consultation?
You can phone me on the 01243 374111 or 07906 786 246.

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