Wednesday, 13 June 2012

60 SECOND INTERVIEW: Nicky Coleman

CHARMOUTH resident Nicky Coleman will be heading for the Olympics next month to work as a medic. Originally from Kent, NHS nurse Nicky moved to Charmouth in 1993. She has five sons and recently became a new grandmother. 

WHERE do you usually work?
I work for the NHS as a nurse and I also teach in a variety of settings as a self-employed facilitator. I get upset when I read cases of neglect or mistreatment of patients. However, I really feel these are very rare and of course they make the news. The NHS is still wonderful and there are many fantastic private nursing and residential homes.

HOW did you get selected as a medic for the Olympics?
The Olympic application went in sometime in 2010 and I had an interview in Weymouth in February 2011. I did two events last year as part of the London Prepares series which were brilliant experiences; three-day eventing at Greenwich and sailing at Weymouth. This year I have also been on duty at the synchronised swimming at the Olympic Park. 

HOW did you feel to be selected?
This is such an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to be with people who are as enthusiastic as me, learning from them and making good friendships. It is also about enjoying this amazing experience. I am proud to be part of this. It will be fantastic for Britain and leave a lasting legacy. It is a chance for anyone who wants to be involved, it will get the nation behind Team GB. What a fantastic year and a time to be patriotic, also with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. There will be lots of community spirit, parties and celebrations, and how exciting that the torch will be here.

WHAT will your responsibilities be?
I will be there to administer first aid to anyone who may need care and attention, to access and to refer on to the right treatment. We will be working in teams with different skill mixes. It has all come together and so much has been going on with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG). They have been planning for years. I feel privileged that I have been a very small part of the run up to making this the best Olympic and Paralympic Games ever. I am grateful to my partner, as he doesn't mind me going off to London and leaving him with the boys. He is supportive and realises how much this means to me.

HOW have you been preparing for the Olympic Games?
Preparation has been orientation training at Wembley stadium, role specific training and venue training in London, plus my experience at events. I have worked with amazing, dedicated and skillfull people. The medical and venue managers are super and inspirational.

WHAT are you most looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to the whole experience, the atmosphere, comradeship, the sport, the diversity and culture of the whole Games. I have always been fascinated by the Games the hard work and training the atheletes put in, as well as their coaches and teams. 

DO YOU take part in any sports yourself?
I'm afraid to say I do not take part in sport myself now. I used to compete in all equestrian disciplines as horses are one of my loves.

WHAT are your other personal interests?
It is so difficult to fit everything I wish to do into a jam-packed life. I live a lot of my dreams and aspirations by being with my family. They are everything to me and I have nurtured and loved them so much. My energies have been put into running a home, working in a job I adore and rearing my children. I have enjoyed amateur dramatics, taking part in many productions. Now I enjoy Zumba and my book club. My greatest joy now is to travel and explore. Writing would be another interest, but I haven't got very far with that yet!

WHAT do you like about living in Charmouth?
There are amazing people in Charmouth, so many things going on. They are friendly, interesting and want the best for our community. 
WHAT would you change or add to the area?
What I would change is flytipping. We humans have been given so much beauty in nature and yet some people just want to blight it! Also noisy exhausts.

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