Wednesday, 6 June 2012

60 SECOND INTERVIEW: Richard Barker

CRICKET fan Richard Barker lives in West Chinnock with his partner Sally Ann. Together they run Cilla and Camilla in Beaminster. Here he talks about his cricketing memories, why he loves West Dorset and about his plans  for new venture Cilla and Camilla @ home.

YOU have played cricket for England schoolboys. Who is the best cricketer you’ve played against or alongside?
Mike Gatting - former England Captain. I played with three contemporaries who subsequently played international cricket for England. Mike Gatting - he realised his potential; left arm spinner Nick Cook and wicketkeeper Ian Gould. Both Ian and Nick went on to become first class cricket umpires. 

YOU like to watch rugby and cricket. Do you have you any favourite sides and do you have you any fond memories of watching them? 
England - rather than clubs or counties - and memories are often of unfulfilled potential. The highlight remains watching England win against Australia in the Rugby World Cup final of 2003.

HAVING worked as an operations director at Waterstone’s, are you a bibliophile? 
Yes, although I don't have as much time to read as I would like. I tend to binge read on holiday. Between myself and my partner Sally Ann, we do own more books than is strictly necessary. We could live in a much smaller space were it not for the excessive requirement for bookshelves. 

WHAT is your favourite book and why do you like it so much? 
I don't have favourites - there are different books for different times.

WHAT inspired you to want to move to this part of the country from London? 
Quality of life, more space for our money and proximity to my partner's parents. We live in West Chinnock and have become very attached to the South Somerset and West Dorset area. I can't think of a better location for family life.

HOW long have you been running Cilla and Camilla in Beaminster and what made you want to quit your previous job and open a shop? 
We bought Cilla and Camilla in October 2011, always with the intention of having more than one business locally. For four years after we moved, I commuted back to London for my job as General Manager of the Post Office network but I soon realised I was missing out on many of the benefits of living where we do. So, I took redundancy and with my partner, Sally Ann, bought Cilla and Camilla. 

WHAT can people look forward to with the opening of Cilla and Camilla @ home, your second shop in Beaminster? 
All the wonderful things we would love to stock in Cilla and Camilla but for which we do not have sufficient space. Same quality of service, same slightly idiosyncratic range of stock, and - if the planners give permission - a traditional coffee shop and tea room. 

HAVE you any goals you still want to achieve in your life? 
Scoring a century for England at Lords - unlikely now to happen.

HOW would you choose to spend you perfect summer’s day? 
At Hive Beach with a beer and barbecue listening to England beat Australia on Test Match Special.

IF YOU won the lottery what three things would you buy first? 
I don't buy lottery tickets - it's not going to happen! If I suddenly had more spare cash, I would employ a gardener. We’re lucky to have a fabulous garden but maintaining it is a challenge to my competence and the use of my spare time. 

IF YOU were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you want to have with you?
A boat to get off the island - I wouldn't enjoy the solitude; a map to ensure I didn't end up somewhere even less attractive; Sally Ann to help sail the boat (although her map reading skills would probably not be to our benefit).

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