Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Seems like summer has come and gone!

I WASN’T quite sure what to write about this week, as it’s been more soaking in Lyme rather than Summertime in Lyme.

The weather took a turn for the worse on Thursday evening, when huge storms hit the south coast. I spent most of the evening hiding away from the gale force winds in the Marine Theatre, where dad and I were watching BBC news correspondant Kate Adie talk about her career. She’s covered conflicts in warzones all across the world - something incomparable to my rather easy-going journalistic career but not sure I’d want to swtich!

Although impressed with her talk, as soon as Miss Adie finished I was out the door to get some snaps of the massive waves over the Cobb before it got dark. I took the photo opposite from Cobb Road and then went down to Monmouth Beach where quite a crowd had gathered to watch the elements in full force.

I don’t remember ever seeing the harbour water so high and it was still an hour until high tide. I didn’t manage to get many more photos before a particularly impressive wave chased me off the beach (should have brought my wellies) and back into the car. So no, definitely wouldn’t make it as a war correspondent, I thought.

A welcome break in the rain on Saturday and a work-free weekend meant I could do something I hadn’t done since I was a small child - I walked to the top of Golden Cap from Seatown. I say walked but it was verging on a crawl by the time I reached the peak. 

I’m not exactly a fitness fanatic and I have a dodgy hip. Added to a full stomach of pub grub from the Anchor Inn in Seatown and I wasn’t the best example of a walker. In fact I’m sure I looked quite out of place struggling up the cliffside.

I haven’t been up there since I was young enough for my dad to carry me when my legs were aching. No such break this time. 

Of course, when you reach the top it seems worth the climb and I couldn’t quite believe the weather change from just a few days before. I was expecting to be almost blown off the top but it was actually boiling hot and sunny. Regretting the amount of layers I had wrapped up in, I admired the distant views of the Cobb before heading back down.

I wonder how many other local residents don’t make the most of this impressive coastal walk. When the weather perks up I would recommend it to all who are able enough to make it up there.

Let’s hope the rain holds off for the rest of this week. Today (Wednesday), Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy will be holding one of its mass launches into the harbour, marking the end of another of its courses.

The boat launches always pack out the Slipway with proud family and friends ready to wave off the students come rain or shine, but I always think it makes great photos if the sun is shining. I definitely will be wearing my wellies for this one, as I always manage to get my feet wet. 

On Saturday, Lyme will be celebrating its rich history and marking the anniversary of the end of the Siege of Lyme in 1644.

As this year the anniversary falls on a Saturday, organisers from the Regatta and Carnival Committee are planning to extend the celebrations from the usual evening parade.

Instead a parade will be held at 11am followed by re-enactments led by Taunton Garrison and a thanksgiving supper in the evening.

It will be the first of many big events this summer season, including the arrival of the Olympic Torch on July 12th - just one month to go!

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